Windscreen for MS


  • close-speech guard and windscreen for M/S stereo

Order number

  • No. 170803


This winds­creen has a gray po­rous vel­vet-li­ke sur­fa­ce tre­at­ment. It is de­si­gned so that con­ven­tio­nal M/S set­ups (AMS 22, UMS 20) as well as most mi­ni­a­ture mi­cro­pho­ne ar­ran­gements for M/S (SGMSC, HSGMS, CMXY) can be pro­tec­ted from mild wind.

For its small di­men­sions, the WMS of­fers re­mar­ka­ble ef­fecti­ve­ness with relatively little adverse effect on the sound quality.