BF 250

Heavy Floor Stand


  •  heavy bottom base for holding of STR support rods or stand STV
  • comfortable collet with quick release holds reliable and stable, but is still easy to lock and release
  • Weight: 5.5 kg

Order number

  • No. 165001


The BF 250 is supplied with a special collet, type SPV 12-3/8, to create a quick connect and disconnect system for an STR vertical support rod. This can simply be plugged into the collet and tightened by hand with a half turn of the milled cap nut.

The chuck SPV 12-3/8 is also available separately for the purpose of updating older equipment. It can be screwed on with a open-ended wrench.


For desk applications, the smaller, lighter T 5 table base can be used instead of the BF 250 with a small RC boom and short STR rods.


BF 250

Heavy floor stand

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