IRT 250


  • mounting bar
  • for ambience recording in 5.1 surround according to the "IRT cross" technique by Günther Theile
  • for 4 cardioids or supercardioids CCM/CMC 1L+MK 4 or 41
  • resulting capsule distance: 250 mm
  • including elastic mount Rycote INV-6 HEAVY

Order number

  • No. 164012


The "IRT Cross" is a microphone setup for ambience recording. The 4 microphones are arranged in such a way that in pairs they produce an ORTF-like arrangement which has a recording angle of approximately 90°. This results in a uniform 360° image.

Due to the distances between the microphones, the diffuse field correlation is low and thus very good spatial imaging is achieved. The 4 signals of the IRT cross are discretely routed in 5.1 surround to L, R, LS, RS. 


Schoeps Surround Microphones

presents surround recroding techniques

Helmut Wittek, 2012