For many years, Schoeps has been providing specialized solutions, including custom product versions, to major institutions including numerous parliaments, businesses, concert halls and broadcast organizations. As a small company in which sales, development and production are together under one roof, we are ideally situated to carry out our customers’ requests, even for relatively small product quantities.

Our standard offerings for conferencing applications are already very flexible, but beyond that we will gladly advise you on a wide variety of special solutions to implement your wishes optimally. For mid-sized and larger projects we can alter any standard product significantly. Our great advantage in this regard is our ability to draw upon the wide array of our present and past offerings of both standard and special types.
In this way we can ensure solutions that are quick to implement, practical to produce, durable, serviceable and economical.
And each microphone solution has our well-known Schoeps sound quality, setting the standard not only for speech intelligibility but also for naturalness of sound.