Our Support Team

The support team will answer your questions on the following topics:

  • Service of our products. Please refer to our Service page
  • Application, product and purchasing advice
  • Product availability and order status

Our team consists of competent support staff with a direct line to development, manufacturing and administration. It is complemented by the "SCHOEPS Tonmeister Expert Group", which helps with all questions concerning the application of our microphones. It consists of experienced experts such as Matthias Richter, Georg Burdicek and Helmut Wittek.

Niklas Braun | Sales Manager | Orders, Support & Service

Helmut Wittek | co-CEO Schoeps | Expert for microphone and recording techniques

Georg Burdicek | Freelance Sound Engineer | Expert for Orchestra Recording, Immersive Audio

Matthias Richter | Freelance Sound Engineer | Expert für Location Sound, Wireless, Music Recording

Bernhard Vollmer | Senior Manager Service & Support | Order processing