Boundary-Layer Microphone for fixed Installations


  • hemispherical pickup pattern
  • for building in to the surface of a table or lectern
  • unobtrusive
  • avoids comb filter effect

Order number

  • No. 121501


This special version of the CCM 2XS L compact microphone is equipped with a flange enabling it to be built into the surface of a table or speaker's rostrum. This makes the microphone nearly invisible, and at the same time improves the sound quality by eliminating comb filter effects.


The BL CCM 3 is often used as a redundancy microphone in speaker tables.

Product History

  • 1994: Launch of the CCM, hybrid technology circuit. The capsule part is identical to the MK capsules from the beginning  
  • 2016: better RF filter to protect from interferences
  • 2017: Polarization voltage generator now with higher frequency above 200 kHz due to downpitching in sound design applications.


BL CCM 3 - dimensional drawing

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