The CCM series consists of compact studio microphones with accessories.

CCM and Colette microphones are of equal high quality. They use the identical microphone capsules and their electrical specifications are also equal. The choice between the two series is therefore a question of practical application.

“K” variant of a CCM

Since the transducers of the Colette and CCM series are the same, only a short description of the properties is given at this point. More detailed information on the transducers can be found in the descriptions of the corresponding MK capsules.

The accessories of the CCM series offer the same versatility and elegant appearance as those of the Colette series. The RL extension tubes, for example, are the counterparts of the well-known RC tubes of the Colette series.

The CCM series is particularly suitable where small size plays a decisive role, e.g. on a boom, for conference facilities, and in multi-channel arrangements.

For the sake of smallest possible size, the CCM-L versions use a Lemo socket with a diameter of only 8 mm instead of an XLR plug. A 5-meter adapter cable to XLR-3M is supplied with the microphone.

Alternatively, a variant (CCM-K) with permanently attached cable is available, which terminates in a normal XLR-3 connector. This variant is used mainly for fixed installations for conferences, etc. Instead of the cable, the “K” variant can also be delivered as an elegant unit with permanently attached gooseneck or extension tube. The microphone itself is non-removable, while the arrangement remains optically discreet.