SCHOEPS offers microphone arrangements for almost every available surround recording technique. Many surround microphone arrangements can be assembled with our standard microphones. There is essentially an infinite variety of ways to design a surround microphone arrangement.

Special accessories then allow for optimal usage of the microphones, which is essential in practice.

SCHOEPS offers in-depth, individual advice on Surround sound and 3D recording, in person as well as through videos and application descriptions.

For recording music in 5.1 Surround using a stereophonic approach, main microphone techniques with omnis and cardioids are recommended, e.g. Decca Tree, Williams, OCT-Surround, or others created with Image Assistant.

The Double MS technique is optimally suitable for film and music recording, as it is very flexible and small and can be postprocessed easily.

The dedicated solution for recording ambiences for film or sport events is the already-popular ORTF-surround technique, which achieves a beautiful, open spatial image through optimal signal separation, while maintaining the smallest form factor possible. It is also available in a wind basket, as a Plug&Play setup.

You will find many further information in our youtube channel and in our articles.