Mounting Plate for Directional Boundary-Layer Technique


  • for directional boundary-layer recording with cardioid and supercardioid microphones
  • for use with CCM/MK 4 or 41
  • often used at the stage edge in opera live recording
  • achieves +3 dB direct sound due to the boundary layer effect - without comb filter effects

Order number

  • No. 161402


Turns any directional CCM Microphone or MK capsule with Active Cable KC into a boundary-layer (PZM) microphone. This is especially useful when recording moving singers/ actors on a stage, or when a microphone on a stand would be obtrusive.

The boundary layer effect creates a 3 dB increase of the Direct-to-Room ratio. Thus, an increase of the recording distance is possible without negative effects.

A rubber ring built into the bottom of the plate prevents inadvertent rotation of the plate and damage to the surface on which it is placed.

Technical Specifications


100 mm



Boundary-layer adapter

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