S 170 L

Short gooseneck


  • short, slender gooseneck for orienting the suspended microphone
  • elegant und unobtrusive
  • applications: concert hall, theatre
  • the gooseneck can be aimed in any direction easily (through gooseneck and coax connector)

Order number

  • No. 161804


The S 170 L is a gooseneck with Lemo connectors at both ends. This tiny gooseneck is also suitable if the microphone cable has already been laid down, e.g. in theaters.

At the upper end is e.g. a cable K 5 LU.

Length of the flexible part of the S 170 L: 140 mm

Surface: matte


Berliner Philharmonie

"Orchester aus der digitalen Kiste - Digital Concert Hall" pma, Januar 2013.

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S 170 L, SK 5 LU, H 20, HC, HSGMSC

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