RC Set "Singer"

Complete set


  • Plug&Play Set
  • the standard on concert stages
  • the set includes the cardioid MK 4, the stand tube RC 1200 with swivel, the support rod STR 350, the floor stand BF 250, the microphone amplifier CMC 6 as well as the foam pop screen B 5 D

Order number

  • No. 133801 with CMC 6
  • No. 133803 with CMC 1




The RC Set "Singer" is customized for the application as a spot or soloist microphone for a singer or speaker.

This set is worldwide generally referred to as the "Pavarotti stand" and is a general standard in concert halls. The pure elegance of the setup offers highest sound quality and at the same time a look that is appreciated by the public and the producers.

A variation of the length of RC and/or STR enables other applications.


Reportage: José Carreras

"Gala-Vorstellung der Opern-Größe. José Carreras begeistert mit neuer Technik", Event Rookie, Februar 2014.

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