In these popular variants of the Double M/S technique, the M channel consists of a CMIT series shotgun.

The three channels are usually decoded and routed as follows:

  • CMIT: >> Center
  • M/S from CMIT + CCM 8 is M/S-dematrixed to L/R
  • M/S from CCM 4 + CCM 8 is M/S dematrixed to LS/RS

It is possible to use the SCHOEPS Double M/S plug-in, but you should be aware of these aspects:

  • Usually the signal of the shotgun signal should be in the Center alone. To achieve this in the plug-in, the directional characteristic for C must be set to 0.5 (cardioid).
  • In the mix for LS/RS, the plug-in usually also adds the signal from the shotgun -> this is not always advantageous.