Microphone Capsule for close pickup


  • Cardioid for very close speech pickup (<10 cm)
  • Low-frequency response rolloff (-10 dB at 100 Hz)
  • Polar diagram identical as the MK 4
  • Preferred applications: close speech pickup, public address systems

Order number

  • No. 131707


This cardioid capsule is designed for the very closest speech pickup, i.e. directly in front of the speaker’s mouth.

Its low-frequency rolloff is compensated by proximity effect. Thus it has (up to the point of its high-frequency emphasis) a flat frequency response for the speaker’s voice, while showing a rolloff at low frequencies for all sound that originates from a greater distance. As a result, background sounds are picked up less strongly than the person speaking.

Sample Player

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Technical Specifications

Pickup pattern


Frequency range

40 Hz - 26 kHz with CMC 6 / CMR,

40 Hz - 42 kHz with CMC 6xt


-37.5 dB (V/Pa), 13 mV/Pa with CMC 6

Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)

13 dB with CMC 6

Equivalent noise level (CCIR)

23 dB with CMC 6

Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)

81 dB with CMC 6

Maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %)

132 dB-SPL with CMC 6


22 mm


20 mm


17 g

Surface finish

matte gray
custom color:
nickel, chromagreen



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Variants & Options

No. 191102 custom color: nickel, chromagreen, other custom colors on request
No. 191201 custom engraving