SCHOEPS microphones are popular for conference applications, since their high, frequency-independent directionality provides outstanding protection against undesirable noises and feedback loops, as well as yielding excellent sound and intelligibility. While dry sound and elegant, unobtrusive aesthetics are important, conference settings place additional demands on PA systems – such as rejection of RF interference and mechanical decoupling from vibrations.
A good microphone by itself is not enough; for great results, all accessories need to be optimized for the specific use case. This is especially true for microphones mounted on conference tables, speaker’s podiums, or for television newscasting.

Our broad spectrum of both active and passive microphone stands and table mounts offer custom-tailored solutions for a wide range of uses. For use on stage, in addition to our classic RC tubes, SCHOEPS offers a range of fully-integrated microphone stands such as the STA (e.g. for awards ceremonies).

For podiums or conference tables, the best fully-integrated microphone solution comes in the form of a long, rigid extension tube, with an optional ball joint or gooseneck mounted on the end for fine adjustments. Aesthetically, this is considerably more elegant and discreet than using just a gooseneck by itself. Our solution in the table is the TM series.

For tabletop mounting, our free-standing, integrated table stands TR and TSR are particularly popular; however, our modular combinations of RL and RC tubes and goosenecks, in combination with our table stand T 5 are perfectly suited for the task.

Our compact microphones (CCM – also available in our "K" variant with hardwired cable – or CMC 1) are excellent for tabletop applications due to their small size and low sensitivity to RF interference, e.g. from mobile phones. They are frequently used in conjunction with our TC miniature table stand.