For many years Schoeps has been on the forefront of developing and realising techniques for Surround and 3D-Audio. Applications also include sound for 360°-videos and VR.
SCHOEPS offers in-depth, individual advice on 3D- and Surround sound, in person as well as through videos and application descriptions.

For recording music in 5.1.4 (also known as 9.1) using a stereophonic approach, main microphone techniques with omnis and cardioids are recommended, e.g. Decca Tree, Williams, OCT-3D - an extension of the OCT technique, or other created with Image Assistant.

The dedicated solution for recording ambiences for film or sport events is the already-popular ORTF-3D technique, which achieves a beautiful, open spatial image through optimal signal separation, while maintaining the smallest form factor possible. It is also available in a wind basket, as a Plug&Play setup.

This technique has also already proved to be ideal as the main microphone in recordings for VR and 360°-videos.

You will find much further information on our youtube channel and in our articles.