Double MS Windshield Set Cyclone

Full set for Double MS


  • Full set for Double M/S with two cardioids and Fig-8
  • for use in conjunction with the SCHOEPS Double M/S plug-in

Order number

  • No. 175405


Set contains:

  • 2 * No. 121015: CCM 4 L, compact microphone (cardioid)
  • No. 121105: CCM 8 L, compact microphone (Fig-8)
  • No. RYC-089136: Stereo Cyclone DMS Kit 1 (for 2 * CCM 4 + CCM 8)
  • No. 152405: K DMS 5 U, 3ch multicore cable
  • No. 152401: AK DMS/3U, breakout cable to 3 * XLR-3M

Technical Specifications

Stereophonic recording technique

Double MS


Double M/S – a Surround recording technique put to test

Paper on the basics and properties of the Double M/S technique

Helmut Wittek et al., 2010


Old Town festival

Ambience at the open air festival in Durlach (Recording: Moritz Müller, SCHOEPS)

Sound Samples: Double M/S

Ambience Marketplace

Ambience with tram in Durlach (Recording: Daniel Keinath, SCHOEPS)

Sound Samples: Double M/S

Beethoven piano concert

Recording: Daniel Keinath, SCHOEPS

Sound Samples: Double M/S

Double-MS Test signal

Sine bursts reproduced clockwise between 0° and 360°

Sound Samples: Double M/S


Test signal: dry castagnets reproduced clockwise at the angles 0° - 30° - 60° - 90° - 120° - 150° - 180° - 210° - 240° - 270° - 300° - 330° (Recording: Magdalena Plewa, SCHOEPS)

Sound Samples: Double M/S

Shostakovich Symphony

Orchestral recording, Double MS as the main microphone, additional 4th channel: lowpass-filtered omni (CCM 2 compact microphone + LP 40 lowpass filter)

Recording: students of the Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart/ Prof. Oliver Curdt recorded in winter semester 2006 / 2007 5th symphony, Shostakovich, beginning of the 4th movement Christophorus Symphonie Orchester Stuttgart (CSO)

Sound Samples: Double M/S

Schoeps Surround Microphones

presents surround recroding techniques

Helmut Wittek, 2012


Stereo and Surround recording principles

by Helmut Wittek, 2012.


Surround brochure

Infos on recording techniques for Surround Sound, from 2007

User Brochures


Recommended accessories

Double MS Tool (2011)

Surround Plug-in for RTAS, VST

Double MS Tool BF (2012)

Surround Plug-in for RTAS, VST, AU