Miniature Cable Hanger


  • for suspending CCM microphones, CMC 1 L or MK capsules with KC active cables
  • vertical alignment adjustable
  • 2 versions for 3 mm and 4 mm cables: HC 3 and HC 4

Order number

  • No. 161806 HC 3 (3 mm)
  • No. 161807 HC 4 (4 mm)
  • No. 161802 HC 4 old style (4 mm)


This accessory is used when hanging an MK capsule on a KC Active Cable or a CCM Compact Microphone. The hanger is attached to the suspended cable. It contains the clamp for 8 mm of the SGC, which is made of modern plastic, therefore unbreakable and holds the microphone reliably.

The vertical orientation is adjustable at the swivel.

There is very little danger of an Active KC Cable or the cable of a CCM twisting (e.g. as a result of rising temperature) after it has been suspended.

Variants & Options

  • #161806: "HC 3": for 3 mm cable (CCM and KC cable from 2018)
  • #161807: "HC 4": for 4 mm cable (stereo cable KS and KC cable until 2018)
  • #161802: "HC 4 (old style)": for 4 mm cable (stereo cable KS and KC cable until 2018)