Service FAQ

  • How can I obtain repairs (in or out of warranty)? What is the procedure for repairs?

    Please complete the Service Return Form prior to each shipment and include a hard copy of the form with your shipment. We cannot perform a service repair without this information.

    Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or to notify us of a shipment that you are sending.

    The dealer who sold you the equipment is familiar with the process, and can give you competent advice. If you are in a country with a SCHOEPS distributor, that is the appropriate contact address. Our distributors regularly send and receive goods to and from Schoeps, thus minimizing the shipping costs.

    In addition, our distributors are experienced in dealing with Customs and repair costs. It is also possible to deal directly with Schoeps, and occasionally this can save some time, though the shipping costs will then be higher. You can send your repairs from anywhere in the world to:

    SCHOEPS - Service
    Bienleinstorstraße 30
    76227 Karlsruhe

    All shipments to us must be fully prepaid with no collect charges. Please observe carefully the points listed under “Customs details for repair shipments”.

    Maintenance and repair are charged according to our service prices.

    You can request a repair estimate; please see “Repair Estimates for SCHOEPS Microphones”.

    Directly upon completion of the repair, we will send an invoice via email. We will then ship your equipment as soon as payment has been received.

  • What are the Customs requirements for repair shipments?

    We do not require a specific return authorization for repairs.

    However, you must send the completed Service Return Form and the shipping list to [email protected] prior to each shipment.
    We need this info for German Customs. Without it, they will not routinely release your shipment to us, and you may incur significant additional costs and loss of time if they decide to return the package to you undelivered. Information concerning your shipment (airbill) number and shipping company are also helpful.

    The packing list must include your complete address and a detailed listing of all products in the package, together with their serial numbers and value if available. The number of “positions” (numbered items) on the packing list must exactly match the number of products in the package; each individual product must be listed separately.

    One copy of the packing list must be attached to the outside of the package so that Customs can examine it without opening the package. Otherwise there will be delays in Customs processing.

    The package must reach us without any outstanding charges or fees. We neither accept C.O.D. packages nor pay any fees that may arise from incorrect shipping documents.

    Your microphone will never reach us if Customs processing cannot be completed. In case of any doubt, it is better to rely on the services of your distributor.

    Please note that the tracking service reports "Delivered" when the goods arrive at customs. The goods have then not yet arrived at our company!

  • Repair Estimates for SCHOEPS Microphones

    If you would like to know what the repair of a Schoeps microphone is likely to cost, you can request a repair estimate. You must send us the defective microphone for this, however. We can’t give any information about repair costs by telephone or email since we don’t know what we will find when we open the housing. We charge service fees, the amount of which depends on the effort and age of the microphone. An approximate estimate of the costs is therefore possible based on the price list below.

    Estimates require extra time to prepare, thus delaying somewhat the return of your microphone. If you are under time pressure, it may be better not to request an estimate. Estimates are free as a rule; in return, however, we assume that economically sensible repairs will be carried out. A service charge will be levied if a repair is declined following a cost estimate that is less than 30% of the item’s current list price. The fee (depending on the expense) will then be computed up to a € 50,- maximum for major components (capsules, amplifiers, active accessories).

    In order to arrive at an estimate, the product must be opened and perhaps disassembled. If the repair is then declined, it might not always be possible to restore exactly the level of functioning that a defective item may have had beforehand. Occasionally it is even impossible to reassemble the item (especially for repair inquiries in which the housing has been damaged). In this “worst case” situation, the capsule or amplifier will be returned in disassembled form. If examination reveals that a microphone is not defective, but that it can be made entirely ready for service by cleaning it, we will skip the estimate and proceed to clean and check the microphone, charging only the small fee for this service.

    If a repair would no longer make economic sense, or if it would be technically infeasible, no estimate fee will be charged.

  • I have an older SCHOEPS microphone. Can I still have it repaired?

    We strive to repair any and all Schoeps products regardless of their age. Our products are very durable, and we can repair most products even if they are far more than 20 years old. But at some point, even we eventually run out of replacement parts. Thus we can no longer offer service in general for tube microphones , MK 6 capsules, CMTS stereo microphones, the VMS 02/52, or any other microphones older than the Colette Series (ca. 1973). This includes all CMT versions as well as the Strässer CM 640 models. For safety reasons, power supplies for these microphone series will no longer be repaired, either. Any other models may be sent to us at any time.

    Please note that since our service fees are graduated (depending on the age of the microphone), repairs beyond the 20-year point may reach or exceed half the cost of a new product. If you find that it would make more sense to obtain a new microphone, please ask us about a possible trade-in offer. Please keep in mind that a product may carry the same name for many years (e.g. MK 4, CMC 6--) while significant technical improvements have occurred in the meantime.

The SCHOEPS Service

Warranty Terms

We offer a two-year manufacturer's warranty on all microphone capsules (MK), microphones (e.g. CMIT, CCM) and microphone amplifiers (CMC). By registering the products on our Web site, the warranties of capsules, microphones and amplifiers can be extended to ten years for free.

This extension of warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. The warranty applies to new items only, based on their date of first purchase. They have to be purchased after September 1, 2019 and registered within one year after purchase.

However, Schoeps reserves the right to restrict the warranty if significantly more than two years have elapsed between the date of sale to the dealer and the date of sale to the customer. During the warranty period, we guarantee that the product will work properly in the sense of normal use, unless it has been handled improperly. Signs of heavy wear, deposits of dirt or significant liquid residues void the warranty.


Our sustainability:

Buying a microphone from Schoeps is an investment in a quality. It will work flawlessly with good care for many years. It is not uncommon for our customers, such as broadcasting companies, to use capsules and amplifiers over 30 years old.

We guarantee that every sold SCHOEPS microphone will be serviced and repaired for at least 20 years after purchase. Most capsules and modules of the Colette series (which started in 1973) can still be maintained and repaired today, and nothing will change in the future. All Schoeps products are designed to be repaired efficiently and can be used as a tool for professionals over many years.

We strive through our development and product policy that the loss in value of our products is low and therefore their used value is relatively high.

Our commitment to sustainability also includes our philosophy of a modular system. Our customers will be able to combine all components of our microphone series (Colette, CCM, CMIT) even in the future and thus invest long-term in systems that are sustainably maintained and expanded. Above all, our Colette series stands for this constancy: their compatible components have been developed since 1973 until today. Future components will also be compatible.

Our care recommendation:

Always ensure that the capsules are not used in a dusty environment and that they are kept in a closed container (eg in the case provided) after use, as the ingress of dust may impair their function. In conjunction with high humidity, it can lead to condensation and thus cracking noises. If the microphone capsule has become wet, it should dry for about half an hour at room temperature, then it will usually work properly again.

If the microphone makes clicks, it is likely that the capsule inside is dusty. At this point it is necessary to send them for cleaning. We strongly advise against opening and cleaning by the customer, partly because this invalidates all warranty claims. Also, the contact rings of the capsules must not be cleaned with liquids.

If use in a dirty or dusty environment is unavoidable, a windshield should be used to avoid the problems described above.

A dirty capsule, microphone amplifier or active accessory can be cleaned by blowing out the contact plate with oil-free compressed air. If this does not help, a new toothbrush soaked with isopropyl alcohol (isopropanol) can be used to clean the contact plate while the amplifier/active accessory is held down. Then shake off excess liquid. It must not get inside the amplifier/active accessory! Ensure adequate drying.

Covid-19: We have written a separate page on the special problem of disinfection and cleaning of microphones & accessories.

Our Maintenance Recommendation:

For microphones, microphone capsules, and amplifiers, we recommend regular maintenance at (usage-dependent) intervals of around 5 years, to verify and ensure proper function and reliability. Depending on the model and condition, the following standard procedures are carried out for such a maintenance appointment:

  1. Small maintenance
    1. Cleaning of the contacts and the mechanics
    2. Replacement of small parts
    3. Measuring and checking the performance
  2. Replacement of the housing (If requested, a completely new housing with the same serial number is installed

After the maintenance you have a microphone/amplifier, which should work reliably for several years and may even look like new.

It should not be forgotten that over the years all capsules and amplifiers have significantly improved technologically. Even if they partly bear the same name (eg CMC 6 or MK 2) and show very similar measured values, they differ considerably internally. Therefore, the maintenance and repair prices are age-dependent. In general, instead a major repair should also be considered an exchange for a modern, new model.

Prices see price list maintenance and repair below.

service prices

Maintenance and repair will be billed after service flat rates. This allows us to achieve greater cost transparency. The costs depend mainly on the age of the product. We distinguish between new (0-10 years), older (10-20 years) and vintage products (over 20 years).

In the first 2 (or 10, after registration) years, a repair can also be free if it falls under our warranty conditions. Often, as a matter of goodwill. We also apply the warranty conditions for products that are older than 2 years.

Important: Repairs of capsules and amplifiers are always treated separately. A complete modular microphone (amplifier CMC + capsule MK) will appear on the repair invoice as two repairs, one for the work on the capsule and one for working on the electronics. This parallel processing also applies to all microphones that consists of a fixed capsule / amplifier combination, eg CMIT 5, SuperCMIT, CCM, MSTC, CMH.

The following list shows our service packages. Before that some non-binding examples of repair prices are mentioned.

(all prices net plus shipping, not binding, valid only for direct processing):


  • capsule, 8 years old, cleaning, small parts and measuring: flat-rate € 35
  • capsule, 8 years old, new housing or membrane or both: flat-rate€ 95
  • amplifier, 13 years old , Cleaning, small parts and measuring: flat-rate € 125
  • amplifier, 13 years old, new housing and contacts: flat-rate € 195
  • CCM microphone, 6 years old, cleaning, small parts and measuring the capsule: flat rate € 35 + new housing at the electronics module: flat-rate € 95 = Total € 130
  • CMIT 5 with fall damage, 12 years old, new housing for the capsule part: flat-rate € 255 plus cleaning, small parts, measuring the electronics (without new housing for this part of the microphone): flat-rate € 155 = Total € 410
  • RC with defective swivel, 15 years old, new housing incl. new cabling flat-rate € 255
  • KC 5 with defective plug, 17 years old --> a repair is uneconomical, because the costs are close to the list price



Article No.

Article description

Product Age

Flat charge in €

282000 repair


2 years, afterwards on goodwill

0 €

for MK, BLM3, BLM03C, CCM, CMH, CMC, CMBI, CUT, CMR, etc.
Please note: The service flat rates apply individually to the amplifier part and the capsule part of a CCM microphone.


Small service 01 incl. cleaning and measuring

0-10 years

35 €


New housing and/or large service 02 incl. cleaning and measuring

95 €


Small service 11 incl. cleaning and measuring

10-20 years

125 €


New housing and/or large service 12 incl. cleaning and measuring

195 €


Small service 21 incl. cleaning and measuring

> 20 years

175 €


New housing and/or large service 22 incl. cleaning and measuring

250 €

for CMIT 5, SuperCMIT, MiniCMIT, MSTC, CMXY and RC, KC etc.
Please note: For microphones, the service flat rates apply individually to the amplifier part and the capsule part.


Small service 03 incl. cleaning and measuring

0-10 years

55 € (capsule part)
55 € (amplifier part)


New housing and/or large service 04 incl. cleaning and measuring

175 € (capsule part)
175 € (amplifier part)


Small service 13 incl. cleaning and measuring

10-20 years

155 € (capsule part)
155 € (amplifier part)


New housing and/or large service 14 incl. cleaning and measuring

255 € (capsule part)
255 € (amplifier part)


Small service 23 incl. cleaning and measuring

> 20 years

205 € (capsule part)
205 € (amplifier part)


New housing and/or large service 24 incl. cleaning and measuring

450 € (capsule part)
450 € (amplifier part)

Please note: The service flat rates apply individually to the amplifier part and the capsule part of these microphones.

(capsule part) 35 € (amplifier part)

The package must reach us without any outstanding charges or fees. Costs for the return shipping will be charged.

When processing via dealers a handling fee may be added.