SCHOEPS Microphones is a family business that, since its inception in 1948, has earned itself a reputation as one of world's finest manufacturers of microphones. Our entire product range is designed and created in Durlach, an old district in the German city of Karlsruhe. We are a team of 50 co-workers who develop our own original products, and manufacture all important their parts including the capsules.

We are driven by the close family atmosphere of our company, just as we are by our relentless passion for technical excellence; but most of all, it is our customers' satisfaction that drives us to continually innovate.

Our core philosophy is built on the idea that maintaining a direct relationship with our customers is important. It also rests on the exquisite quality of our products, which combine razor-sharp transparency and stunning authenticity in a simple yet elegant design.

SCHOEPS is forging its own path: we are, and have always been, pioneers in the world of pro-audio. It is our mission to help recording engineers everywhere achieve the best sound possible – with the help of our products.