Sound Samples: OCT-Surround

Bach, Singet dem Herrn

Live recording made on June 18, 2010 in the Christus church in Karlsruhe. Final fugue of the motet from J.S. Bach "Singet dem Herrn", performed by the Vocalensemble Rastatt, conducted by Holger Speck.
The five microphone signals have been discretely routed and not processed.


Sound Samples: ORTF Surround

Football Arena

Ambience Recording in a football arena during a match. The microphone was hanging from the roof.

Rain forest

Philippe Barbeau, shooting in Gabon for Luc Jacquet's movie "It was a forest".


Sound Samples: Double MS

Ambience Marketplace

Ambience with tram in Durlach (Recording: Daniel Keinath, SCHOEPS)

Beethoven piano concert

Recording: Daniel Keinath, SCHOEPS


Test signal: dry castagnets reproduced clockwise at the angles 0° - 30° - 60° - 90° - 120° - 150° - 180° - 210° - 240° - 270° - 300° - 330° (Recording: Magdalena Plewa, SCHOEPS)

Double-MS Test signal

Sine bursts reproduced clockwise between 0° and 360°

Old Town festival

Ambience at the open air festival in Durlach (Recording: Moritz Müller, SCHOEPS)

Shostakovich Symphony

Orchestral recording, Double MS as the main microphone, additional 4th channel: lowpass-filtered omni (CCM 2 compact microphone + LP 40 lowpass filter)

Recording: students of the Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart/ Prof. Oliver Curdt recorded in winter semester 2006 / 2007 5th symphony, Shostakovich, beginning of the 4th movement Christophorus Symphonie Orchester Stuttgart (CSO)