Sleeve for anchoring a hanging cable by means of a nylon string


  • Enables anchoring of a 3 mm microphone cable by means of a nylon string (diameter < 2 mm)

Order number

  • No. 152901


  • The screw nut is easy to handle – the sleeve can thus be moved and fixed in any position
  • The sleeve is permanently mounted before the plug is soldered
  • Diameter: 8 mm; Length: 16 mm
  • The grommet is essentially unbreakable


KC & Cable Hanger

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Berliner Philharmonie

"Orchester aus der digitalen Kiste - Digital Concert Hall" pma, Januar 2013.

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Berlin Philharmonic

"Berlin Philharmonic - The world famous concert hall has switched to Schoeps mics" by Zenon Schoepe, Resolution Magazine, March 2012.

Press Articles