When choosing microphones for a church interior, what counts is an elegant, understated look, high sound quality and great flexibility.

That's why Schoeps microphones are among the favorites in the world's most famous churches and prayer rooms. Our wide range of products for voice and music recording and our customized solutions make them ideal for this purpose.

Our color standard for church interiors is white RAL9010. Microphones and accessories are available in this color as special items at a fixed surcharge.

Worship surcharge for microphones RAL9010 White
for MK, CCM, CMC, CMIT (2*), V4
No. 191108

Worship surcharge for table stand RAL9010 white
for TR, TSR, RC, RL, RS, SRS, S
No. 191109

TIMK: Small, fully integrated table microphone

Directional boundary-layer technique BLC used with CCM 4 as speaker microphone: ideally low profile

table mounting of any design for small and large distances from the desk

A very popular and flexible solution on the table: TR

Floor stands for flexible installation throughout the room: RC Singer Set