Compact Microphone


  • omnidirectional pattern
  • slight high-frequency rise to compensate for losses at moderate recording distances
  • for a very wide range of recording applications
  • often preferred for spaced stereophony and Decca Tree arrangements

This microphone can also be ordered as a modular Colette microphone, where the CMC 1 L amplifier is combined with an MK microphone capsule. (CMC 1 L + MK 2S)
This variant allows the capsule to be exchanged and has advantages in terms of electrical properties in combination with digital wireless transmitters.

Order number

  • No. 121011 CCM 2 L (standard Lemo version)
  • No. 121012 CCM 2 K (fixed cable version with XLR)


The CCM 2S exhibits a slight high-frequency emphasis for frontal sound incidence, with only a slight rolloff of high frequencies off axis and in the reverberant sound field.

The frequency response characteristic of the CCM 2S falls between that of the CCM 2 and the CCM 2XS, making this microphone suitable for a wide range of applications.


The CCM 2S has proven particularly useful in two- and three-microphone stereo arrays, where its placement near the reverberation radius of the sound field presents a sonically balanced pickup favored by many recording engineers. This model has become our most popular pressure transducer.

For spaced microphone (A/B) stereo recording and especially the Decca Tree method, KA 40 accessory spheres are recommended.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range

see corresponding capsul


see corresponding capsul

Maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %)

136 dB-SPL (P48)
128 dB-SPL (P12)

Maximum output voltage

2,6 V (8,3 dbV) with 2 kΩ load

Low cut filter

20 Hz, 12 dB/Okt.

Output impedance

90 Ω @ 1 kHz

Maximum cable length

> 400 m



Powering standard / Valid range

P48 / > 40 V P12 / > 10 V

Current consumption

4 mA (P48)
3,6 mA (P12)

Common mode rejection ratio (at 1 kHz)

> 55 dB

Minimum recommended load impedance

2 kΩ


Lemo (CCM-L) or XLR-3M (CCM-U),
analog, 1 channel


46 mm (CCM-L)


20 mm


33 g (CCM-L)

Surface finish

matte gray

Product History

  • 1994: Launch of the CCM, hybrid technology circuit. The capsule part is identical to the MK capsules from the beginning  
  • 2016: better RF filter to protect from interferences
  • 2017: Polarization voltage generator now with higher frequency above 200 kHz due to downpitching in sound design applications.




Compact Condenser Microphones

User guides, manuals

Berliner Philharmonie

"Orchester aus der digitalen Kiste - Digital Concert Hall" pma, Januar 2013.

Press Articles

Berlin Philharmonic

"Berlin Philharmonic - The world famous concert hall has switched to Schoeps mics" by Zenon Schoepe, Resolution Magazine, March 2012.

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Variants & Options

  • No. 191701 "Matching of two microphone capsules including certificate": Although our normal production tolerances are very close, we can deliver specially matched compact microphone pairs.
  • No. 121011tp "Matching of three microphone capsules including certificate"
  • No. 191102 custom color: other custom colors on request
  • Each CCM microphone is available as a standard version "L" with a Lemo plug and as a version "K" with a permanently attached 5 m cable and XLR-3M connector. (Specified cable lengths may vary up to 5% (+/-).)

Recommended accessories