Compact Microphone


  • omnidirectional pattern
  • slight high-frequency rise to compensate for losses at moderate recording distances
  • for a very wide range of recording applications
  • often preferred for spaced stereophony and Decca Tree arrangements

Order number

  • No. 121011 CCM 2 L (standard Lemo version)
  • No. 121012 CCM 2 U (fixed cable version with XLR)


The CCM 2S exhibits a slight high-frequency emphasis for frontal sound incidence, with only a slight rolloff of high frequencies off axis and in the reverberant sound field.

The frequency response characteristic of the CCM 2S falls between that of the CCM 2 and the CCM 2XS, making this microphone suitable for a wide range of applications.


The CCM 2S has proven particularly useful in two- and three-microphone stereo arrays, where its placement near the reverberation radius of the sound field presents a sonically balanced pickup favored by many recording engineers. This model has become our most popular pressure transducer.

For spaced microphone (A/B) stereo recording and especially the Decca Tree method, KA 40 accessory spheres are recommended.

Technical Specifications

The technical data correspond to that of the respective MK capsule.




Compact Condenser Microphones

User guides, manuals

Berliner Philharmonie

"Orchester aus der digitalen Kiste - Digital Concert Hall" pma, Januar 2013.

Press Articles

Berlin Philharmonic

"Berlin Philharmonic - The world famous concert hall has switched to Schoeps mics" by Zenon Schoepe, Resolution Magazine, March 2012.

Press Articles


Variants & Options

  • No. 191701 "Matching of microphone capsules including certificate": Although our normal production tolerances are very close, we can deliver specially matched compact microphone pairs.
  • Each CCM microphone is available as a standard version "L" with a Lemo plug and as a version "U" with a permanently attached 5 m cable and XLR-3M connector.

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