This is your chance to get a genuine Schoeps microphone at a very affordable price!
We are now offering new starter sets at heavily discounted prices for trainees and students in the audio sector. The classic CMC 6 and the popular MK 4 capsule (cardioid) are our bestsellers. These microphones and capsules are each engraved with "EDU Edition". The set is delivered in a hand-sewn fabric pouch with zipper.

EDU Edition Mono Set
No. 135002

  • USA: $ 1,050 plus tax
  • EU: 980 € (incl. 19% VAT Germany - may differ in other countries)
  • Switzerland: CHF 890 incl. 8,1% VAT CH

EDU Edition Stereo Set     
No. 135001

  • USA: $ 1,999 plus tax
  • EU: 1890 € (incl. 19% VAT Germany - may differ in other countries)
  • Switzerland: CHF 1690 incl. 8,1% VAT CH

Terms and conditions:

  • this offer is valid only for customers based in the European Union, Switzerland and the United States
  • for full-time students at accredited colleges and universities who are majoring in audio recording or a directly related field
  • for full-time apprentices and trainees at established, professional recording studios
  • formal, written proof of eligibility required (must be signed and dated, and the original paper mailed to us)

Maximum one order per person; offer is for personal, educational use. We reserve the sole right to determine eligibility.

Inquiries can be made through this form:

EDU Edition Mono Set with MK 4 + CMC 6 + SG 20 stand clamp in a fabric pouch

EDU Edition Stereo Set with 2 * MK 4 + 2 * CMC 6 + 2 * SG 20 stand clamp in a fabric pouch

The fabric pouch holds one or two microphones and stand clamp(s)

Robust fabric bag with zipper, hand-sewn by our Meike

Fabric pouch, made in Karlsruhe-Durlach

"EDU Edition" is engraved on the amplifiers and capsules