Compact Microphone


  • vertical (side-addressed) cardioid capsule
  • for a very wide range of recording applications
  • slight high-frequency emphasis
  • often preferred for singing or speaking voices, most instruments, spot microphones and stereo techniques such as XY, ORTF and MS.

Order number

  • No. 121103 CCM 4V L (standard Lemo version)
  • No. 121104 CCM 4V U (fixed cable version with XLR)


The CCM 4V was created in answer to requests for a cardioid with its main axis along the side. In addition to its usefulness in the concert hall, this microphone type is of particular value in speech recording, since its slight emphasis around 10 kHz helps to improve intelligibility.

The directional response is especially well maintained even at higher frequencies, due to the acoustically transparent housing. There is less high-frequency emphasis of off-axis sound than occurs with most small, axial-response cardioids. The CCM 4V still sounds somewhat brigher than the CCM 4, however, because of its overall frequency response.


The CCM 4V may be easier to use in near-coincident setups than the CCM 4: the microphone bodies do not get in each other's way.

Technical Specifications

The technical data correspond to that of the respective MK capsule.




Compact Condenser Microphones

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Variants & Options

  • No. 191701 "Matching of microphone capsules including certificate": Although our normal production tolerances are very close, we can deliver specially matched compact microphone pairs.
  • Each CCM microphone is available as a standard version "L" with a Lemo plug and as a version "U" with a permanently attached 5 m cable and XLR-3M connector.