The P series

SCHOEPS offers special directional microphones and capsules for close pickup. Their reduction in low-frequency response compensates for proximity effect and helps to suppress both "popping" and ambient noise. Thus, P-series microphones can deliver broadcast quality even in loud arenas. 

The microphones of the P series have a "P" in the product name. P means "proximity" and the corresponding low frequency attenuation. "XP" means a particularly strong low frequency attenuation. They are designed for close placement - "P"-types shouldn't be used at a distance of more than 20 cm, "XP"-types even closer than 10 cm.

The speech intelligibility is drastically enhanced by the compensation of the proximity effect as done in the P-series capsules. They are often used in fixed installations, or in the SCHOEPS HSC 4VP/4VXP headset.