• Which is the best microphone for guitar/vocals/flute/violin/drums etc.?

    In our opinion there is no such thing as a "best" microphone. Basically, all of our microphones can be used for all types of sound sources. When choosing a microphone, the deciding factors may be the acoustical parameters of the recording (recording distance, room size, live vs studio environment, etc.).

  • Do I really need a windscreen?

    In a studio: not necessarily, as long as there are no drafts from doorways or air conditioning units. Outdoors: definitely, even when there seems to be no wind. A microphone can't distinguish between wind and low-frequency sound; even slight air motion can cause large signal amplitudes that can overload the input of a microphone preamplifier.

  • What size windscreen should I use?

    Not too big but not too small, either! In general, the more effective a windscreen is at protecting a microphone from wind, the more likely it is to affect the microphone's sound quality and directional properties. For light winds a hollow foam windscreen will usually suffice; in a storm you will need a large basket-type windscreen with fur covering. In addition to a windscreen, a low-cut filter is always recommended, such as our model CUT 60.



  • Where can I get advice?

    Please do not hesitate to contact our SCHOEPS Support team.

    Many fine dealers can help you, as well. Also our sales partners are competent advisors.

  • I'm looking for a custom product/custom cable length/custom engraving, etc.

    We offer individual colors and engravings as standard, as well as logos on the microphone. Also variants of existing products are usually no problem, because we are a small company with individual customers.

    Please ask your dealer, or ask us. In most cases we can fulfill your requests at only moderate extra cost.

  • Can I order Schoeps microphones in various colors?

    Yes, our microphones can be ordered in a variety of colors; if interested, please inquire with specifics. Capsules (MK --) and CMC amplifiers are available as standard in matte gray (Nextel). Nickel finish and other colors can be ordered at a small increase in price and delivery time.

    The standard finish for the CMIT and SuperCMIT is blue or, at a small extra charge, gray; other colors can be ordered at a slight increase in price and delivery time. The standard finish for all CCM compact microphones is Nextel gray, while other colors can be ordered at a small increase in price and delivery time.


  • Whom should I contact for repairs within (or after) the warranty period?

    Basically, you should turn to the dealer from whom you purchased the item(s). If you would like to deal with us directly, you can send your repair items to us at

    Bienleinstorstrasse 20
    76227 Karlsruhe

    along with a description of the problem.

    If outside Europe, please mail us a copy of your package manifest with all items in the parcel and their serial numbers in advance to; we will need this in order to clear your package through German customs. Without it we will not receive your package, and there will be substantial waste of your money and time.

  • Who pays the shipping costs?

    Shipments to us must arrive prepaid; C.O.D. shipments are not accepted. SCHOEPS pays the return shipping costs for warranty repairs or exchanges within Germany; in all other cases, the recipient of the return shipment pays the shipping costs. For return shipments to countries other than Germany, the shipping charges must be paid before we ship the merchandise. For this reason we recommend sending repair items to your national representative, who will organize combined shipments to lower the individual costs.