• Which is the best microphone for guitar/vocals/flute/violin/drums etc.?

    In our opinion there is no such thing as a "best" microphone. Basically, all of our microphones can be used for all types of sound sources. When choosing a microphone, the deciding factors may be the acoustical parameters of the recording (recording distance, room size, live vs studio environment, etc.).

  • Do I really need a windscreen?

    In a studio: not necessarily, as long as there are no drafts from doorways or air conditioning units. Outdoors: definitely, even when there seems to be no wind. A microphone can't distinguish between wind and low-frequency sound; even slight air motion can cause large signal amplitudes that can overload the input of a microphone preamplifier.

  • What size windscreen should I use?

    Not too big but not too small, either! In general, the more effective a windscreen is at protecting a microphone from wind, the more likely it is to affect the microphone's sound quality and directional properties. For light winds a hollow foam windscreen will usually suffice; in a storm you will need a large basket-type windscreen with fur covering. In addition to a windscreen, a low-cut filter is always recommended, such as our model CUT 60.



  • Where can I get advice?

    Please do not hesitate to contact our SCHOEPS Support team.

    Many fine dealers can help you, as well. Also our sales partners are competent advisors.

  • I'm looking for a custom product/custom cable length/custom engraving, etc.

    We offer individual colors and engravings as standard, as well as logos on the microphone. Also variants of existing products are usually no problem, because we are a small company with individual customers.

    Please ask your dealer, or ask us. In most cases we can fulfill your requests at only moderate extra cost.

  • Can I order Schoeps microphones in various colors?

    Yes, our microphones can be ordered in a variety of colors; if interested, please inquire with specifics. Capsules (MK --) and CMC amplifiers are available as standard in matte gray (Nextel). Nickel finish and other colors can be ordered at a small increase in price and delivery time.

    The standard finish for the CMIT and SuperCMIT is blue or, at a small extra charge, gray; other colors can be ordered at a slight increase in price and delivery time. The standard finish for all CCM compact microphones is Nextel gray, while other colors can be ordered at a small increase in price and delivery time.


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