Table-mounted tube with swivel(s)


  • elegant table-mounted tube, length 350 mm (~14 inches)
  • new 2023 version with better stability
  • for CCM/CMC 1 L + MK capsule (EU version for MK capsule is special version)
  • versions with one or two swivel joints
  • XLR-3M plug at the lower end
  • recommended mounting adapter: TEF-M
  • special-order versions are possible

Order number

  • No. 123520 TM GRG 350 LU: 2 swivels at both ends of the tube
  • No. 123525 TM RG 350 LU: 1 swivel at the lower end of the tube

Product History

  • Introduction as "RLG 350 U"
  • 2023: new "TM" series: more options, more stable swivels, new version with built-in amplifier

Variants & Options

  • In the TM family of in-table stands, many combinations are possible: see TABLE MOUNTING
    • for MK (Colette) capsule or CCM-L series microphone
    • any desired combination of swivel joint(s), gooseneck and/or rigid tube
    • LED indicator
    • 3/8" thread and cable or XLR plug at the lower end
    • various lengths