Besides delivering a transparent sound, versatility and flexibility are key characteristics for any microphone in a studio environment. For this reason, you will mainly find microphones from our modular Colette series in this section, as well as our studio microphone V4.
SCHOEPS products have established themselves in particular for recording acoustic instruments. Our small-diaphragm condensers are especially renowned for their sonic characteristics when recording acoustic guitars, vocals, or as drum overheads.

Our Colette-series stereo sets are another favorite in the studio - available in omni, cardioid, wide cardioid, supercardioid, figure-eight, or as a switchable capsule.

SCHOEPS MK capsules are popular for room recordings of acoustic instruments, since, in contrast to many other microphones, there is no coloration of the diffuse sound field (i.e. reflections and reverb). Especially in cases where the microphone is not placed in the immediate vicinity of the instrument, the acoustic characteristics of the room tend to have a large influence on the final sound. Of course, this means that a microphone in this case must sound good across its entire pickup pattern, not just from the front. Specifically, a microphone can be called transparent and free of colorations if its frequency response is linear in all directions – this goal is astonishingly difficult to achieve, and a unique characteristic of SCHOEPS microphone capsules.

The V4 is an exceptional microphone for use in the studio. It is an homage to a classic SCHOEPS microphone of the 50’s – a small diaphragm condenser with a bevelled ring, that combines the best of both small and large diaphragm condenser microphones.