LED Option

for TM table stands and tubes


  • clearly visible red LED
  • available for TM table stands and RL extension tubes
  • external AC power supply included
  • can be controlled externally, e.g. at a mixing console
  • control can be via XLR-4 output connector or separate leads
  • for larger orders, other supply voltages for the LEDs are available on request

Order number

  • No. 193003


The LED can be triggered externally to indicate the microphone's active/inactive status ("conference mode").

The LED can be combined with other components (goosenecks, straight extension tubes, swivel joints and integrated microphone amplifiers) of the newly-designed TM series of table stands. This allows a great variety of table microphones to be deployed within the table with elastic suspension.

"The RL microphone extension tubes can be provided with the LED as well."

Technical Specifications

Powering standard / Valid range

12 V


12 mm