B 20

highly effiicient close-speech guard for 20 mm

Product is discontinued.
Alternatives: B 20, B 5 D


  • small close-up speech shield and windscreen
  • consists of a closed plastic basket covered with a washable nylon fabric
  • problem-solver because it reliably prevents pop and wind noise
  • compatible with all axially addressed microphones from SCHOEPS

Order number

  • No. 170103 B 20
  • No. 170104 B 20 S

Technical Specifications

Attenuation of wind-noise at 5 m/s for a supercardioid

25 dB-A

Attenuation of wind-noise at 5 m/s for an omni

26 db-A


50 mm

Surface finish

gray / light gray


Which windscreen fits my SCHOEPS microphone?

updated 15.06.2022

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Variants & Options

#170104: B 20 S:

Like B 20, but with two layers of nylon fabric. Therefore even more effective than the B 20, but stronger tonal discoloration