AK Surround M/4U (M/5U)

Adapter Cable from Miniature Multi-Pin to XLR-3


  • e.g. for ORTF Surround recordings

Order number

  • No. 152403 AK Surround M/4U
  • No. 152404 AK Surround M/5U
  • No. 152402 AK Surround H M/4U incl. PS-H
  • No. 154005 Splitterbox M/6U
  • No. 154006 Splitterbox 6U/M


For surround recordings with up to six channels (e.g. 5.1 surround) we offer the K Surround x M cable with multi-pin connectors at both ends (with the "x" corresponding to the length of the cable in meters).

The AK Surround M/4U adapter cable splits this multicore cable to four XLR-3 connectors.

It is also available in a five-channel version, called AK Surround M/5U.

For six channels the Splitterbox M/6U can be used.

It is also available with connector for the heating (AK Surround H M/4U).

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