• Version of the CMC 1 with fixed, laterally attached cable
  • magnetic back for easy mounting with the included magnetic accessories
  • fully-fledged alternative to the well-known CMC 6, compatible with all existing MK capsules and active Colette accessories, e.g. CUT 60 or RC
  • shortest version of the CMC 1
  • available with different cable lengths and plugs, also with Lemo-3pin for use on pocket transmitter with P12/48. Standard: 2m with XLR3M
  • specified lengths may vary up to 5% (+/-)

Order number

  • No. 132018: 2 m Cable, XLR3M
  • No. 132019: 0,5 m Cable, Lemo-3pin Sound Devices
  • No. 132020: 0,5 m Cable, Lemo-3pin Zaxcom


The CMC 1 KV is identical to the CMC 1 U, but instead of the built-in XLR connector, it has a fixed cable coming out the side.

The CMC 1 KV is identical to the CMC 1 K, but has a side-outgoing cable instead of a front-outgoing cable.

The variants of the CMC 1 KV with Lemo connector are compatible with pocket transmitters that provide P48 or P12, e.g. Zaxcom ZMT 4, SoundDevices A20-TX, Deity DLTX.


The CMC 1 KV is particularly suitable as a "plant mic" in film sound or for all recordings where the microphone needs to be discreetly hidden. With the supplied magnet accessories, it can be easily mounted on many surfaces, e.g. door frames, steel beams, windows, table tops etc..

The CMC 1 KV comes with

  • No. 232018/19/20: CMC 1 KV with output connector XLR or Lemo-3pin
  • No. 803347: Magnetic angle piece 30°
  • No. 803346: Magnetic angle piece 45°
  • No. 302034: Disc magnet 20 mm
  • No. 302033: Self-adhesive magnetic pad 5 cm black
  • No.302039: suction cup with magnet
  • No. 161105: Stand clamp SG 20

The accessories can also be ordered as spare parts.

Product History


Pin Configuration

for Sound Devices Lemo, Zaxcom Lemo and XLR


Variants & Options

Der CMC 1 KV ist in folgenden Varianten erhältlich:

  • #132018: Standard: 2 m Kabel mit XLR-3M-Stecker
  • #132019: Option: 0,5 m Kabel mit Lemo-3pin für Sound Devices A 10
  • #132020: Option: 0,5 m Kabel mit Lemo-3pin für Zaxcom ZMT (Phantom)
  • Sonderversion mit beliebiger Kabellänge

The CMC 1 is available in five housing variants::

  • CMC 1 U: Output connector XLR3M
  • CMC 1 L: Output connector Lemo
  • CMC 1 K: fixed attached cable
  • CMC 1 KV: laterally outgoing cable
  • CMC 1 SO: fixed gooseneck and Lemo3pin output for pocket transmitter

No. 191102 Sonderfarben: Nickel, chroma green, weitere Sonderfarben auf Anfrage
No. 191201 Sondergravur