Cyclone 2ch-Stereo Windshield

Windshield for MS or XY


  • Windshield with suspension
  • different versions for 2 microphones in XY or MS arrangement
  • versions for CMIT 5, MiniCMIT, CCM and/or Colette
  • Rycote product website

Order number

  • No. RYC-089110 Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 1 für CCM MS
  • No. RYC-089114 Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 5 für Colette MS
  • No. RYC-089127 Stereo Cyclone XY Kit 2 für CCM XY
  • No. RYC-089117 Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 8 für CMIT MS
  • No. 089111 Stereo Cyclone MS Kit 2 für MiniCMIT MS


Windshields & suspensions for the CMIT series

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Stereo and Surround recording principles

by Helmut Wittek, 2012.


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