Decca Tree Set

Complete Set for Recording with a Decca Tree


  • Set with three CCM microphones for Stereo Recording with a "Decca Tree"
  • includes sphere attachments

Order number

  • No. 129001 Decca Tree Set 2S
  • No. 129002 Decca Tree Set 2H
  • No. 129006 Decca Tree Set CMC 1L + MK 2S
  • No. 129007 Decca Tree Set CMC 1L + MK 2H


The Decca Tree Set "2H / 2S" consists of the following items:

  • 3 * No. 121009: Compact Microphone CCM 2H (2S: No. 121011)
  • 2 * No. 191701: Matching incl. certificate
  • 3 * No. 169001: KA 40, sphere attachment
  • 3 * No. 161806: HC 3, Miniature cable hangers

The Decca Tree Set "2S" contains three CCM 2S instead of the CCM 2H.


The Decca Tree is a triangular arrangement of three omnidirectional microphones. The microphones should be placed at least 1.5 m apart to reduce crosstalk and excessive correlation at low frequencies.

Often the microphones of a Decca Tree must be suspended from above. This is why the Decca Tree set uses our compact CCM series microphones. The KA 40 accessory mounting spheres cause increased directivity between 1 and 4 kHz, which in turn increases the differences among the signals picked up by each microphone. The M 50 microphones used in the original Decca Tree (1950s) were built on this same principle.

Technical Specifications

Stereophonic recording technique




KA 40

Sphere attachment for altering the sound

User guides, manuals

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Stereo and Surround recording principles

by Helmut Wittek, 2012.


Schoeps Surround Microphones

presents surround recroding techniques

Helmut Wittek, 2012



Variants & Options

Instead of CCM microphones, microphones from CMC 1 L/MK are just as suitable and can be ordered in the Decca Tree set.