Piano PIA-3

Windshield set for Double MS


  • for Double M/S (shotgun CMIT 5, Cardioid CCM 4 and Fig-8 CCM 8, not included)
  • high acoustical transparency, high attenuation of wind noise
  • also usable for M/S and Mono
  • Available as accessory: The rain cover "PIA-KELLY"
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Order number

  • No. CIN-PIA-3S standard swivel, perfect for mono main
  • No. CIN-PIA-3D double axis swivel, perfect for stereo/DMS main usage.


The Piano PIA-3 set extends the PIA-1 set for Double M/S. It adds two Lemo plugs for connection to the CCM 4 and CCM 8, and an in-line box which combines the three microphone cables internally and adapts them to an XLR-7 output.

The Piano PIA-3 set consists of:

  • the "Piano" basket-type windscreen
  • a black cloth cover for indoor recording / mild wind
  • selectable fur-like coverings for moderate / strong / extremely strong wind
  • elastic OSIX suspension for the microphones (A4/B3)
  • 2 x Lemo/Binder adapter for the CCM 4/CCM 8 and the in-line combiner box
  • case


Technical Specifications




400 mm


370 g


Windshields & suspensions for the CMIT series

A selection of the available products for the CMIT series

User Brochures

Which windscreen fits my SCHOEPS microphone?

updated 26.08.2021

User Brochures


Variants & Options

The set is available on two versions PIA-3S with standard swivel and PIA-3D with a swivel stand adapter having two axes of rotation.

You always have to choose between the short (PIA-FUR-SP) and the long fur (PIA-FUR-LP).

Available as an accessory: The rain protection "PIA-KELLY" protects the basket and microphones in light rain.

The piano is also available in a mono (PIA-1) and an M/S version (PIA-2).