Active Double Tube


  • Legendary dual version of the active tube RC KC
  • well-known in particular from concerts of solo singers
  • offers a completely redundant second microphone path as a breakdown channel
  • the two microphone capsules and extension tubes are firmly connected at both ends so that they are always aligned in a parallel manner

Order number

  • No. 133601 120cm with 50cm cable
  • No. 133602 35cm with 50cm cable
  • No. 133603 70cm with 50cm cable


This double version of the RC KC supports two capsules of the MK series, the second of the two capsules serving as a fail-safe backup. Each tube terminates in a connector mounted on a flexible, 0.5-meter Colette cable. These connectors are screwed onto the microphone amplifiers.

The double-stand swivel RG 88 keeps the both tubes parallel and safely in place. It is included with the R2C.

The "B 55 D", a double version of the B 5 D, is available as a matching pop protection. Also two B 1 D fit on the R2C KC.


The two microphones may better not be mixed, as the resulting comb filtering leads to coloration.

The second microphone normally serves as a fail-safe backup or as an option for the sound engineer to choose an alternative capsule pattern.

Technical Specifications


350 mm, 700 mm, 1200 mm

Length of the cable

0,5 m

Surface finish

matte gray (g)


Reportage: José Carreras

"Gala-Vorstellung der Opern-Größe. José Carreras begeistert mit neuer Technik", Event Rookie, Februar 2014.

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