PR 120

Studio Popscreen


  • studio popscreen
  • transparent construction
  • no influence on the sound

Order number

  • No. 170601 PR 120 S
  • No. 170602 PR 120 SV


This pop shield is a development of the company Tonstudio Pauly.

It prevents pop noises during close-up speech with plosive sounds, but has no influence on the sound due to its transparent construction.

The popscreen is is installed on the CMC amplifier.



Technical Specifications


11 mm


120 mm

Surface finish

grey / matte gray

Variants & Options

  • the PR 120 S is suited for axially addressed microphones: MK 21,22,4,41
  • der PR 120 SV is suited for laterally addressed microphones: MK 4V,41V