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Modular “Colette” microphones consist of the combination of two basic units as shown – a microphone capsule and amplifier.
The number of possible combinations is quite large – there are 20 types of microphone capsule ... more

The CCM represents the logical next step in the miniaturization of classic condenser microphone technology without any compromise in quality. The capsules are identical to the corresponding Colette models, while the amplifiers ... more

The V4 U is the new studio vocal microphone by SCHOEPS.

It unites outstanding technical characteristics with a timeless, classic design.

SCHOEPS shotgun microphones combine high directionality and high sound quality.


SCHOEPS recommend digital technology wherever it adds value as compared with analog technology. The special characteristics of the SuperCMIT 2 U (available only in digital form), make this product unique.

This category includes special capsules for close pickup of speech, our headset, and our hand-held microphones.

SCHOEPS' selection of microphones and accessories for M/S, X/Y, Blumlein, ORTF and A/B stereo recording allows the user to find the right setup for any recording situation.

SCHOEPS offers microphone arrangements for almost every available surround recording technique. Many surround microphone arrangements can be assembled with our standard microphones. Special accessories then allow for optimal ... more

SCHOEPS puts a special emphasis on maximum usability for our microphones. For this reason, a large variety of accessories is available. These accessories are designed for long service life and for their ability to help the user ... more