new type of digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity, based on SCHOEPS' successful analog model CMIT 5

The SuperCMIT has two output channels. The first carries the output of the special digital signal processing built into the microphone (which effectively increases the microphone's directivity), while the second channel carries the signal from the main, forward-facing capsule without DSP--comparable to our well-known analog CMIT 5 shotgun microphone.

The following audio samples are designed to let you hear the effects of the two levels of signal processing which can be set for the microphone ("Preset 1" = moderate signal processing; "Preset 2" = strong signal processing).

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from 0° (1 m distance), river at 90°

at 0°, 90°, 180°

Ball sounds in a big, fully occupied stadium, distance approx. 10-20m