MK 21

SCHOEPS designs its microphones so that their polar pattern will be as uniform as possible throughout the frequency range. That way the frequency response will be the same regardless of the angle from which any sound component arrives. Since there is significant off-axis sound in most real-world recording situations, this characteristic is extremely important to the “sound” of a microphone. Pressure transducers and directional microphones each have virtues and shortcomings that the other one lacks. It turns out that a balance can be found between them that offers the warmth and esthetic appeal of the omni, and most of its low-frequency superiority, plus a polar pattern that is remarkably consistent across the frequency range. SCHOEPS was the first manufacturer to introduce such a capsule, the MK 21. Because of its very smooth frequency and polar response and its naturalness of sound quality, the MK 21 is an excellent choice both for stereo main microphones and for spot miking in studio and live sound applications. Another variation is offered by the MK 22 "Open cardioid" capsule (2008), which has characteristics between those of the MK 21 and a classic cardioid.