Colette series

It has been continually updated and extended since then, and is still our leading product line. For the first time all the amplifiers were transformerless, all standard methods of powering were supported with equal levels of performance, and all capsules were interchangeable on all amplifiers.

A unique, patented system of "active accessories" was introduced, which allowed capsules to be placed unobtrusively at some distance from their amplifiers with no technical or sonic compromise. KC extension cables were an instant hit with film and video sound recordists, while the classic RC extension tubes became a staple with vocalists and orchestras around the world.

Starting with the six capsule types inherited from the later CMT series (which became the Colette MK 2, 4, 40, 41, 5 and 6), over 20 capsule types and numerous special accessories have been introduced. The amplifier technology of the Colette series has also been modernized (CMC 6 and CMC 6xt, 1992 and 2003 respectively), miniaturized (CMC 1, 2019), and digitalized (CMD 2, 2006 and CMD 42, 2022).