Pianissimo PIANI-1

Basket-Type Windscreen set with fur


  • windshield set (microphone not included)
  • high acoustical transparency, high attenuation of wind noise
  • CINELA product website

Order number

  • No. CIN-PIANI-1-CMC Pianissimo PIANI-1 for CMC
  • No. CIN-PIANI-1-CMCCUT Pianissimo PIANI-1 for CMC+CUT60
  • No. CIN-PIANI-1-MiniCMIT Pianissimo PIANI-1 for MiniCMIT


The Pianissimo PIANI-1 is a highly efficient windshield for the MiniCMIT shotgun microphone. Its special geometry leads to high acoustical transparency and thus extremely low coloration. At the same time the attenuation of wind noise is very high.

The Windscreen set is composed of:

  • Main cage with two-axis swivel
  • Black fabric cover for indoor recordings and weak wind
  • Fur: version SP for moderate wind or LP for strong wind
  • Lightweight XLR3 connector
  • Elastic microphone suspension
  • Polycarbonate shell


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