Elastically Suspended Windscreen


  • elastically suspended windscreen by CINELA
  • completely new concept for the miniaturization of highly effective basket windscreens
  • different versions for CMC 1 U, CMC 6, CCM and MiniCMIT
  • CINELA-website


This product is available directly from Schoeps or from various CINELA distributors. You can find them here:


Order number

  • No. CIN-COSI-L-20 for CMC 6
  • No. CIN-COSI-CMC1U (XS) for CMC 1 U (+ CUT 60)
  • No. CIN-COSI-L-21 for MiniCMIT
  • No. CIN-COSI-CMC1L for CMC 1 L (+ CUT 60)
  • No. CIN-COSI-S-CCM for CCM


The COSI is a unique, innovative windscreen for short microphones.

The microphone is protected in an extremely compact form from noise caused by wind and vibration.



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updated 15.06.2022

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