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Product Registration

Here you can register your SCHOEPS microphones and microphone amplifiers as well as search your account for already registered products.
After successful registration, the manufacturer's warranty on these products increases to 10 years.

Registration is only possible after log in. To register you will also need the original invoice.



Warranty Terms

We offer a two-year manufacturer's warranty on all microphone capsules (MK), microphones (e.g. CMIT, CCM) and microphone amplifiers (CMC), as well as all accessories with serial numbers (e.g. KC, RC). By registering the products on our Web site, the warranties of capsules, microphones and amplifiers can be extended to ten years. This extension of warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

During the warranty period, we guarantee that the product will work properly in the sense of normal use, unless it has been handled improperly. Signs of heavy wear, deposits of dirt or significant liquid residues void the warranty.

The warranty applies to new items only, based on their date of first purchase. However, Schoeps reserves the right to restrict the warranty if significantly more than two years have elapsed between the date of sale to the dealer and the date of sale to the customer.