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Basket-Type Windscreen with Windjammer

  • most effective SCHOEPS windscreen
  • Windjammer included
Basket-Type Windscreen with Windjammer WSR MS -CI, -LI, -LU

The WSR MS consists of an elastic suspension (AMS_) and a basket-type windscreen with Windjammer. It is intended for one or two small microphones. It allows mono as well as M/S stereo recordings.

Suitable microphones are SCHOEPS CCM_L compact microphones as well as MK_ microphone capsules with KC (for mono) or KCY (for stereo) active cable.

Microphones required for M/S: CCM 8 Lg (figure-8) and, e.g. CCM 4 Lg (cardioid) or CCM 41 Lg (supercardioid)
The required cables are described under "application".
The WSR MS is available in three variants with the cable already included. The forward ends of the cables are made of a thin, especially flexible material, providing good isolation from solid-borne sound. The output cable is especially durable. The Windjammer is included.

- for MK_ microphone capsules
- with miniature output connector
- extension cable (not included): e.g. KS 5 I (5 m long) for connecting the unit to the SCHOEPS VMS 5 U stereo microphone amplifier or the VST 62 IU stereo microphone preamplifier.

- for CCM_L compact microphones
- with miniature output connector
- extension / adapter cable to XLR-5 (not included): e.g. KS 5 IU (5 m long)

-as above, but with XLR-5M output connector

The joint of the WSR MS_ has got a 3/8" inner thread by which it can be mounted onto corresponding threaded studs (e.g. of booms or our STR support rods).
A fur-like Windjammer - the WJ MS - is included to considerably enhance the efficiency of the wind noise attenuation.

Windjammer WJ MS
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