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Basket-Type Windscreen with Fur
WSC ORTF Surround H

  • for outdoor ORTF Surround
  • this windscreen is part of the ORTF Surround Outdoor Set
  • optimal imaging characteristics like those of the “IRT Cross”:
  • For use with four SCHOEPS CCM 41 L supercardioids (not included)
  • applications: sporting events, film sound, etc.
  • with integrated heating
  • Surround output connector meets AES-65 standard
The basket with the four microphones (not included)

The “ORTF Surround” recording method is a new system for the pickup of surround ambience. This microphone arrangement and its sonic characteristics are quite similar to those of the well-known “IRT Cross“ designed by Günther Theile. Both the 360° imaging and the spatial impression are of optimal quality. This is achieved with a high degree of signal separation among channels, based both on arrival-time differences and level differences.

The ORTF Surround arrangement has been designed so that the entire arrangement can be conveniently mounted in a single elastic suspension, and share a single windscreen.
It differs from the IRT Cross arrangement by being rectangular rather than square. Its pickup regions are correctly apportioned through careful choice of the angles and distances among the microphones.

The WSC ORTF Surround LM consists of the basket-type windscreen with elastic suspensions and cabling and a fur-like overcoat. Microphones are not comprised.