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Universal Stereo Bracket
UMS 20

  • for M/S, X/Y and ORTF recording
  • for two microphones of the Colette modular system
Universal Stereo Bracket UMS 20

With this bracket and two corresponding microphones, nearly any of the familiar stereo techniques (X/Y, M/S, ORTF, "Blumlein" crossed figure-8s, small A/B) can easily be set up.

The mounting adapter for this device has 5/8 - 27 NS threads with adapter to 3/8" and 1/2" and can be directly attached to a microphone stand. However, because it has a 20 mm diameter, it can also fit into an optional SG 20 stand clamp or A 20 S elastic Suspension (not included). That arrangement also allows the angle of inclination to be set.