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ORTF Mounting Bar
STC 4g, STC 22g

  • for ORTF stereo recording
ORTF Mounting Bar STC 4g, STC 22g

The ORTF recording method was developed empirically in the 1960s at Radio France, and was named a few years later after the larger organization to which Radio France then belonged. The system was conceived for small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones.For ORTF recording as originally defined, we offer the MSTC 64 stereo microphone as well as the STC 4 mounting adapter.The STC 4 can be used either with CCM 4 compact microphones or with Colette MK 4 capsules together with KC or KCY active extension cables. Both versions of the compact microphone series--the "L" version with detachable cables as well as the "U" version with permanently attached cables--can be used.

If "Open Cardioids" (CCM 22 or MK 22) are used in place of the cardioids, with the same angle between their axes, the distance between them must be increased. For this purpose we offer the STC 22.