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Stand with internal wiring and gooseneck element
STA 1400 L3Ug

Overview | Specifications
  • microphone stand for CCM-L Compact Microphones
  • internal wiring
  • ideal for award presentations
STA 1400 L3Ug with optional floor stand BF 250

The STA 1400 L3Ug is an elegant floor stand of fixed height, with a flexible gooseneck element that can be bent horizontally and/or vertically. Its invisible internal cabling makes it ideal for placement on stage, e.g. for shows and award ceremonies.

The top part of the STA 1400 L3Ug consists of a 420 mm (16.5”) long, 8 mm (0.3”) diameter tube with attached Lemo connector for the CCM, plus the flexible gooseneck element. Supporting this is a vertical tube of 1000 mm (39.4”) length and 12 mm (0.5”) diameter. The permanently attached XLR cable exits near the bottom of the vertical tube.